Physician Programs    

                                               Interactive Case Studies

                                               • Provide fresh new cases on a regular basis
                         • Sent Via Direct Mail & Via Email with KOL Invitation
                         • Can be used for In-Service Presentations
                         • Housed on Product Web Site
                         • Placed on Kiosk at Medical Meetings
                         • Include technique and survey questions that are
                           captured within our database



                                               In-service Presentations                 

                                               Compassionate Care in the ICU
                                               A two video program designed to educate critical care
                                               practitioners and family members. This program was
                                               endorsed by the SCCM and recommended by the AACN.

                                               Maximizing Outcomes
                                               An interactive “Objection handler” which addressed
                                               the most common concerns regarding the use of an
                                               inhalational anesthetic agent.



                                               Interactive Reprint™ & Poster

                                               • Comprehensive Selling program designed to thoroughly
                          educate medical professionals on clinical reprints
                          and posters
                        • Features video tutorials with lead authors or KOLs
                        • Audio Supplement and Poster Included
                        • Provides detailed interactive presentations through author
                        • Can be viewed online, mailed, distributed by salesreps
                          and disseminated at medical meetings



                                               Animated Presentations                 

                                               Davids writes, designs and creates 3-D and 2-D animation
                                               presentations to depict the mechanism of action of
                                               pharmaceutical products and the proper use of medical
                                               devices. These animations can be used in a variety of
                                               promotional venues:

                                               • Sales Representative Details
                                               • Streaming Video on Product Web sites
                                               • Displayed at Medical Meetings and distributed to target
                                               • Direct Mail to target audience
                                               • e-Blast or e-Mail

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