Patient/Caregiver Programs    

                         Patient Education Programs

                         Davids produces many programs designed to educate patients and caregivers
                         on disease states and the proper administration of medications or the use of
                         medical devices. These programs are distributed to patients through various
                         media, including

                         • Video presentations distributed via DVD, TV or Streaming Media on the Web
                         • Mobile Devices
                          Printed Brochures
                         • Magazines and Newsletters
                         • Web Sites


                         Cystic Fibrosis Patient Education Initiative

                         Educational series of bi-lingual Videos, booklets, CD-ROM and website
                         for CF patients and their families



                         The Threat Of Malaria To American Travelers

                         Educational video program for business people and tourists traveling to the
                         malaria “hot spots. The program was distributed to travel physicians and
                         international business travel agents.



                          Understanding Your Child’s Operation

                         Bi-lingual educational program targeted toward parents & children.
                         The program consists of 4 videos and two booklets



                          Coping With Anemia

                         Educational, bi-lingual video/print program for HIV positive patients in need
                         of treatment for the anemia side-effects of AZT therapy. Hosted by Howard
                         Grossman, MD and Frank Diaz, MD.


                          Personalized Patient Ed DVD Program                          

                         Patient education DVD providing proper dosing and lifestyle education for

                         - educate patients on the proper use of product to improve outcomes

                         - Customized to feature local physicians
                         - Custom introductions recorded at medical meetings

                         - Gives sales reps unique on-going access to their physicians.
                         - Saves physician time
                         - Ensures accuracy of message

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