Mobile Apps

                         App-ortunityTM (app-or-tun-ity) - An advantageous combination of
                         circumstances resulting from the power of mobile technology aligned
                         with creative application development and marketing prowess.

                        Davids can help you deliver your message to medical professionals
                        with a customized Mobile Application or you can use one of Davids
                        existing templates below to create a mobile application quickly and

                        “Whats the Diagnosis” App
                         Present interactive case histories to medical professionals, in
                         a brief  engaging game-like format with our “Whats The
                         Diagnosis” mobile application.
                        • Demonstrate your product in a case history setting
                        • Track user results, provide users access to national score data
                        • Gather valuable practice preference information
                        • Capture prescribing and survey data
                        • Learn current treatment preferences
                        • Identify potential barriers to acceptance of your product.
                        Dosing Calculators
                        Davids had developed a wide variety of tools to help medical
                        professionals understand proper dosing, based upon multiple
                        Journal Review
                        Davids’ Journal Review App is designed to provide regular
                        updates of articles which are germane to a given specialty. Our
                        medical editors scan the literature and create brief journal
                        article reviews with links to the publishers’ sites for access to full

                        Interactive Case Histories
                        Davids creates interactive case histories for mobile devices
                        • Case Histories can be static or can include video/audio
                        • Allow for interactive dialogue with prescribers and KOL
                        • Captures Prescribing and Practice Data




                         Interactive Reprints/Posters
                        Over the past 25 years, Davids has pioneered the development
 interactive reprints and posters. This mobile App captures the
                        best aspects of this format for use on a mobile device.
are presented with pop-up audio and video tutorials
                        from authors,
creating an engaging educational presentation.




                        Patient Disease Management Tools
                        Davids had created numerous programs for disease
                        Programs include:
                        • Dosing reminders to enhance compliance
                        • Find a Physician or Disease Management Center
                        • Patient Education on Disease State and Medication


                        Game Time
                        Davids has created many interactive games that combine
                        education with aracade-style fun.
                        • Games are based on scientific themes
                        • Marketing Messages can be embedded between game levels
                        • Healthcare Practitioners can compete on a national, regional,
                          local basis
                        • Davids can repurpose your existing 3-D MOA as a game,
                          or create a new 3-D MOA for you


                        Side Effect Profiler
                        This app includes information drawn from the package inserts of
                        all agents used to treat a particular disease. It is organized by
                        drug, body system and aphabetically


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